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Pressure Storage and Facilities Design and Procurement Statement

DPC offers, on a lease basis, pressurized storage tanks, as a service to customers who lease DPC JT or refrigeration natural gas conditioning equipment. The tanks are nominally 18,000 gallon, 250 psig rated ASME pressure vessels, skid mounted, and suitable for truck tailgate loading and unloading when completely empty. This service is offered only to allow producers who are in a schedule bind, time to find and provide their own tankage at a more leisurely pace.

Pressure storage tanks are leased under the following option:

Provision of a “bare” skid mounted pressurized storage tank as described above, FOB our shop near Houston. This is a straight non-service supported lease item, and it is up to the lessee to provide installation, dress out of the tank with appropriate and legal appurtenances (valves, including reliefs, etc.) and to install per good engineering practice and all rules and regulations of the appropriate authorities. In addition, the lessee will need to install the correct and appropriate truck loading facilities, including safety systems, as required by federal, state and in some cases, local authorities. These may include, but are not limited to: DOT, EPA, Texas Railroad Commission, and State and Local Fire Marshals.

For dressing of the tank with appropriate devices and the installation materials and labor required by the lessee’s Facility Engineer or Contractor, we recommend the services of:

ProCon Construction, Inc

2875 Woods Road 

Brookshire, Texas 77423
Contact: Royce Reid 

Phone: (281) 375-6829

Fax: (281) 375-5644

Email: [email protected]

Please note that Dew Point Control, LLC is not set up or staffed to be a provider of facility or other engineering services nor of material procurement assistance. Advice and counsel are freely given as they relate to the facilities that we lease, but facilities and site engineering should be sought from appropriate companies in that business. DPC will be glad to recommend such firms upon request.

Should lessee elect to dress the tank(s) and provide installation materials to it’s contractor and/or lease crews, DPC recommends that you contact experts in the field of LPG storage and handling equipment who can recommend and supply the correct material and installation advice, such as:

Gas Equipment Company 

11510 N. Petropark

Houston, Texas 77041
Contacts: Jerry Drake or Jarrod Griffin
Phone: (713) 896-1077
Fax: (713) 896-9299
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]