NGL Stabilization
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Stabilization of natural gas liquids (NGLs) or field condensate is a process utilizing controlled flashing and in some cases, a distillation of the liquid to allow it to be stored in atmospheric vessels. The distillation of the liquid can also used to remove objectionable non-hydrocarbon components, most notably CO2, from the sales liquid.

The DPC NGL stabilization process uses tried-and-true conventional technology, employing the same modular fabrication techniques DPC uses for its standard gas conditioning equipment, allowing for high levels of quality control. All of the equipment and piping is designed, fabricated and tested per ASME and TEMA codes and standards. The system is all electric, minimizing permitting issues and reducing the hazards associated with direct fired equipment in an oil field production environment.

Stabilization Unit, CB-R Process Skid
Stabilization Unit, CB-R Process Skid
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